Canada’s Top Dancer

Your Style. Your Expression. Your Dance.

Solos are adjudicated by masters in one of 5 dance styles across each age group and performance division. The qualifying round will be broadcast online. Adjudicator feedback and scores will be published to studios shortly thereafter with the announcement of the Top 10 in each section.

The Top 10 for each section will be showcased in the Finale. Broadcast online, adjudicators will provide feedback about the routine to the audience. Then it is time for the audience to vote and select the Top Dancer for each section.

At the awards show, adjudicators will reveal their rankings. The Top Routine in each section will receive the Judges Choice Award. We'll then announce the results of the online voting to determine the Top Dancer and cash award. It is possible for the Judge's Choice and People's Choice to be the same routine or different.

Five Main Dance Styles

Ballet (All Forms)
Contemporary, Lyrical, & Modern
(including Open)
Jazz & Acro
Musical Theatre & Tap

Master Adjudicators

Normally adjudicators score routines across all the dance styles. Trained across multiple disciplines, they also have specialities. Each dance style will be adjudicated by a master in that style.

New Scoring System

We are introducing a new scoring system that details components for technique, choreography and performance. It will provide more detailed feedback for studios and dancers about each routine.

Two Performance Divisions

There are two Performance Divisions; Standard and Novice. If you are performing more than one routine, all routines must perform in the same division.

Age Group Breakouts

Age groups are set at up to 7 years old, 8&9 years old, 10& 11 years old, etc. We reserve the right to breakout ages to each year if the routines in an age group exceed 40.

Online Broadcast

The opening round routines will be broadcast online in sections (Age, Division, Dance Style). The Top 10 as selected by the Master Adjudicators will be showcased in the Finale.