Any style, anytime, anywhere. We will find the right fit for you based on the dance style you want, your experience level, and budget.


Combine it with a Studio Intensive or as a standalone project; we can match you up with a choreographer for one to many routines.


Want to spruce up a corporate event or do some team building. We have the faculty and team to meet any of your objectives.

Choreographers Across North America

We have a large pool faculty, adjudicators, and event team members from across North America that specialise in various dance styles and are experienced choreographers. If you are an individual looking for choreography for a solo, studio looking for some outside assistance for competition or recitals, or a business / corporate brand looking for a performance or show we are happy to speak with you.

We have the luxury of using dance professionals on our event team from across North America. As a result, we have a fantastic faculty to draw from to help you. As well, we won't use an adjudicator in their city or region nor repeat an adjudicator in the same event city for a minimum of 2 years. Collectively, this allows us to lots of resources to provide local choreographers.

Choreograph your next move!

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