#TSCOnlineComp Challenge


Deadline April 10, 2020


Routines broadcast live with active adjudication based on the routine. Video quality is not a factor in the scoring the performance.

Social Distance

Watch from home on your favourite social channel. Have fun interacting with live chats, virtual applause, Q&As, and contests.


We've slashed the prices to offer a competitive experience safely and engagingly. We want dancers to experience something fun in uncertain times.

    #TSCOnlineComp Challenge

    Online Registrations & Format

    Please complete the Reservation Form to get started with your registration or sign-in to your account. If you are new to Thunderstruck Canada, there is an approval process. It does not take long.

    If you have an active registration for this year or want to register routines from previous years, let us know. We can duplicate it to make registration quicker.
    Registration for this event is different. It is based on a fee per routine, not per dancer. When we say we slashed the prices, we are not kidding. Studio's, please complete the reservation form below, you will get a confirmation with a link to the price list.

    Social Distancing

    In these uncertain times, we have created this event to provide a safe way for studios, teachers, dancers, families and friends to enjoy the hard work and effort made by everyone. As we distance ourselves socially, we are going to use social channels to engage with each other.

    Many competitions are asking studio's to send videos for adjudication and ranking. We're stepping it up to make this engaging and fun.
    We are running a live production, each routine will be broadcast, and adjudicators will provide running comments. Our host will be engaged in live chats, so you can comment, and add virtual applause. We'll also have a bunch of different quizzes, contests, and Q&As for you and your dance families to offer a feature-rich and engaging experience.


    Rules And Regulations

    All the standard competition rules apply, except for one. Routines must compete in the Performance Division of the highest dancer.

    • If you have a Shining Star in the routine, it can not be in Future Star.
    • If you have a Rock Star in the routine, it can not be Future or Shining Star.

    Please pay special attention to the Dancers Golden rule with online chat engaged for the event; we are interested in only positive, fun and encouraging engagement.

    Adjudication And Overalls

    Adjudicators will provide running commentary but will not be recording comments. They will adjudicate the competition, as usual, engage in some Q&As and award overalls to the Top 10.
    We will not announce the adjudication awards (Platinum Thunder, Lighting Gold, etc.) that generally receive a call-out at events. They will be provided to the Studio Directors and posted online.
    We will announce the overalls, and the winner of each section will receive a social card they can share with Family & Friends. We have several industry partners and will be adding more in the next couple weeks to build out awards packages. Stay Tuned.

    Video Quality Costumes & Makeup

    We want to assure studios and dance families that we understand the unique environment we are in and don't want the video quality, lighting, costuming or makeup to play a role in this event. Our team will adjudicate based on the routine choreography, technique and performance only.



    Video Rules

    If you competed at a Thunderstruck Canada regional, we could pull your video. Otherwise, the following applies. If you have a Xmas recital or dress rehearsal video, those are great. If you need to record the video, please discuss with your studio the best way to do this.

    The quality of the video or costuming and makeup will not affect the adjudication. Unfortunately, unless you have written permission, we can not accept video from another competition.

    Adjudication Team

    The adjudication team for #TSCOnlineComp Challenge will be doing a mix of things from adjudicating the competition, providing commentary to answering questions on our broadcast. If the interest is there, we may even offer some Master Classes. Let us know.

    Prevention Practices

    If you do not have video, and one needs to be recorded, we have provided studios with a cleanliness policies and procedures to ensure safe environment and social distancing to record videos.

    Remember hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette is everyone's responsibility. We should learn to practice this in our everyday lives.

    Choreograph your next move!

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