Studio Resources

Studio Resources


Our Registration Guide is available online, or you can request an ebook, and we'll send you the PDF.


We have a searchable knowledge base to help you find quick answers for your inquiry or question.


Seeing how to do something is sometimes better than reading about it.

Studio Resources

Registration Guide

Our online registration has four (4) steps. We have an online registration guide available online Knowledge Base. Visit the Online Registration Guide to access this information. We are always looking to improve this resource, so your feedback is welcome. We will updated this regularly.

Alternatively, all the information in is also available as a PDF reference that you can download to help you through the process. It is published once a year so the, online version may have more up-to-date information.

Online Registration Guide Download

Knowledge Base Online Help

Our knowledge base is divided into numerous sections or solution categories to help best you navigate and find answers to your questions. It is also a great resource to share with your dance families as it drills down on a variety of topics. It is organic, so we'll be adding to it as we get new questions not answered on the website, or expand and provide additional resources as we get further feedback.

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Knowledge Base

Video Tutorials Online Registration How To's

Several video tutorials were created to assist you with the registration. They guide you through the different steps of the process and drill down to show you how to do various tasks. Visit our Online Registration Tutorials playlist for a menu of the different tutorials.


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