Registration Steps

Registration Steps


A simple form that lets us know you interested in attending. We'll hold space at the event you are interested in participating. It ensures space for your dancers and gives you time to get your online registration complete.


Sign-in online to complete your registration. You can log in and out of this resource to get your roster updated, event participants listed and routine information entered. Complete by the 60-day deadline.


60-days before the competition start date you will receive documents to review your registration. It's your last chance to ensure the performance information, in particular, performance division is correct.

Registration Steps

Reservation Complete The Form

Designed for you to protect space for your studio, your reservation does a couple of other great things. When we process your submission, we'll send you all the registration resources you need and we'll track your progress and help you along. It is also helpful to us in planning and delivering the best experience leading up to and at the event.

Online Registration Complete 60 Days Before

The online registration guide is available through our Knowledge Base. It is an excellent refresher for returning studios and if you are new to Thunderstruck Canada, will explain the necessary steps to getting your registration completed through our online system.

We recommended that you complete your registration 60 days before the competition start date so that you have time to review before the deadline.

NOTE: You can log and out of the system at any time to get your information entered, it doesn't need to be done all at once.

Registration Guide

Registration Review Complete 45 days Before

When you submit your registration, we will process it and send all communications to the email in your account. You will receive an invoice, a copy of your roster with birth dates, and information about each routine. We also store these files in a DropBox folder which is shared out to you.

We will also re-open your registration so that you can make any changes required via your online account. It will be automatically closed forty-five (45) days out. We'll send out a couple of reminders along the way to let you know.

Registration Deadline 45 days

Registration closes forty-five (45) days before the event. We start the scheduling process and will provide a draft to studios for review. At this stage, you need to submit a ticket through our Support Center for any change requests with the following exceptions.

You will be able to edit Routine Names and Choreographers via your online account until the program is set to print. Please make these changes yourself and avoid submitting change requests in these instances.

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