Event Planning

Event Planning


There is a process from the time registration closes, through review stages to complete the final version.

Music Manager

No more burning CDs or renaming files names. Click to upload and submit; our system takes care of the rest.


Our most popular Add-on is our Studio+ Photos. Others include things like hotels, dancer fee, or apparel.

Event Planning

Schedule Process

Once we close registration, there is a final review from our side before we process a copy for you. There is a 15 day review period where you will have time to submit changes. During this period, we build the performance order and a draft order provided. The General Schedule for the event is also updated and finalised.

A final draft is provided 45 days in advance of the competition with all of your routine details including performance date and estimated time. Our Event App is also activated. Dance families can get access to the schedule. Advance purchase of the Event App also includes a free printed program at the event. One significant benefit of the Event App, the performance times are updated every couple of minutes.

Music Manager

We led the change from CD to audio files. Music Manager goes even further. You can upload your music from your online account. Our system takes care of the naming the file with all the correct information.

You will be able to upload music until 24 hours before the event. If we are missing any music, we'll be in touch to make sure.

Studio Sign-In

Thunderbolt Solos

If a dancer is performing in the Thunderbolt Solo, please select Thunderbolt Solo from the special category drop down for the solo they choose to compete and set the estimated time to 5 minutes (05:00). It will accurately calculate the additional cost for this routine. The registration fee for the other two solos at the regular price.

Thunderbolt Solo

Positive Flash Gala

As part of our Flashover Finale, we have the gala, a series of routines performed for the art dance. These are for dancers fun and patrons enjoyment. It is a showcase and will not affect any overalls or studio points.

Studios will be invited to select a routine to perform in the Positive Flash Gala. In some instances, this will be limited based on the size of the competition. It is an opportunity to showcase routines from the event and is an invitation, so performers are not required to participate.

Flashover Finale

Waiver And Release

In most instances, studios will have the authority to waive liability and release the rights of dancers. If not, we'll require individual waiver & release forms.

Studio+ Program

The Studio+ Photo Program is a great way to password protect your studio's images and have the digitals available to your dance families to view and download.

Master Classes

The master classes are ($35/class). To register your dancers, you can select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu on the studio roster in the online registration.

Top Studio Online

If you are interested in participating in the online competition, let us know. Once you have completed the regional registration and review, we can import to make entering easy.

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