Dance Styles

Dance Styles


Different dance styles from all genres of dance.


We recognise excellence in seven (7) genres of dance.


Unique cases and dealing with multiple solos.

Dance Styles

Dance Styles Defined

We have several different dance styles. For more details, please visit our Dance Style Description page. It is interactive with the descriptions. It also filters them into segments for our Dance Excellence Awards.

For instance; Ballet, Character Ballet, and Pointe routines are all eligible for the Dance Excellence in Ballet Award, part of the Eye of the Storm Presentations.

Dance Excellence By Genre

Ballet: Ballet, Character Ballet, Pointe 
Contemporary: Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern 
Jazz: Jazz, Street Jazz 
Theatre: Character, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Vocal 
Tap: Step Dance, Tap

Open and Self Choreo styles qualify in the style they best represent.

Dancing Up vs Dancing Down

By rule, a dancer can dance up or down a performance division. For solos, the rule-of-thumb is to dance up. A routine should only dance down if the skill level for the style they are dancing down meets the standard for the performance division.

Overall Double Down Not Permitted

Dancing one solo in Future Star or Shining Star and a second in Shining Star or Rock Star to increase chances of placing in Overalls is not permitted. It is acceptable to dance in the two divisions if the skill for the style dictates it, however, if the skill level is similar between the two they should compete in the same Performance Division.

2 Solos Same Style

If you have a dancer with two (2) solos that are the same style, you can dance once in Open.

3 Solos Same Style

Three (3) solos in the same style. Dance one in Open and the other as a Thunderbolt or dance up a Division or an Age Group.

Dancing Up An Age Group

To dance up an age group, you will need to contact the office as this adjustment is done manually.

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