Copyright Policies

Copyright Policies


We protect the rights to performances at our events with choreography and music having additional artistic rights.


The video of our events is licensed and protected. Unless otherwise stated, permission for its use is required.


We protect the onstage imagery of routines at our events. Unless otherwise stated, permission for its use is required.

Copyright Policies

Choreography Rights

A choreographer will typically stipulate the conditions that their artistic creation is permitted to be performed and place limitations on any modifications to movements, music or form. They will also specify whether they require credit or waive that credit to the Studio and under what terms.

The music used in most choreography is copyright by the recording artist, agency and company. Associations are in place to regulate and administer the licensing for music depending on the location and end-use. Although a choreographer (or studio) own the choreography, they are not permitted to record it with music outside their licensed premises.

Music Licensing

A dance routine choreographed at a studio versus it performing in competition requires different music licensing through SOCAN. The licensing is available on a schedule called tariffs. The tariff and fees for a studio are different from that needed for public performance.

In the public domain, an additional license is required to play that same music, and that license does not cover the recording of video. That is an additional license. The tariff calculation is by event based on the number of days.

Thunderstruck Canada, the venue, and the professionals working the event acquire all the necessary licenses required to play the music and record video. These licenses do not extend to choreographers or studios who may own the choreography, to the public in general, and specifically dance families who may have a child performing.

Performance Protection

Stage performances include the choreography, music, and stage design rights of different individuals or organisations. The dancing, sounds, stage, audience, lighting and effects combine to define what we consider to be a performance.

Performances at Thunderstruck Canada are copyright. Imagery or recording, of any type, at an event by anyone not authorised by the company is violating the Copyright Act of Canada. If you wish to utilise materials other than the provisions already provided, please contact us.

Copyright Protection

The Videos and Photographs from Thunderstruck Canada events are the property of Thunderstruck Canada Dance Corporation and are protected under the Copyright Act of Canada. We reserve all rights for the distribution and use of this imagery and recordings. Please read the terms of use for Photo, Video, Social, and Top Studio Use in the card below for additional information.

Under Section 29.1 of the Copyright Act of Canada & Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 (United States of America) we do post video for the purpose of criticism, review, and education under the fair dealings / fair use statutes as to not infringe upon any musical rights.


Photo Use

Photographs from our competitions that you would like to use in print, on electronic newsletters, or websites are permitted ONLY with the express written consent of Thunderstruck Canada Dance Corporation. We share a photo of every routine on Facebook. You are free to share this image along with the appropriate hashtags (See Social Use). Publishing, sharing or redistributing digital images is otherwise prohibited without consent.

Video Use

Videos of the competition, whether purchased online or available on one of our social channels are for your personal use. Use on websites or online contests is restricted without prior permission from Thunderstruck Canada. You are welcome so share videos posted by us on social media for the purpose of criticism, review, and education. Ripping DVDs to post on social media is a violation of licencing and copyright and strictly prohibited. 

Social Use

You are free to share and comment positively on any media that we post on social channels. When sharing Thunderstruck Canada media, include one or all of the following: #ThunderstruckCanada #TSCanada #TSCDance, #TSC"YourCity" (i.e. #TSCOttawa).

Top Studio Use

The live social broadcast of the competition is reserved. Please do not record. Media that we distribute can be used and shared. Show some love and include our hashtags in your posts. #Thunderstruck Canada #TSCanada #TSCDance

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