Thunderbolt Solo

Thunderbolt Solo


Live commentary at the end of each routine.


Custom designed and limited edition pendant.


The highest average of three (3) scores.

Thunderbolt Solo

Adults, Teachers, and Professional Dancers

Adults, Teachers, and Professional Dancers are welcome to participate in the Thunderbolt Solo, will receive critiques and live comments from the Judging panel, but are NOT eligible to win the Thunderbolt Title.


After a dancer performs their Thunderbolt Solo, they will be asked to remain on the stage for live commentary from one adjudicator on the panel will follow.


The winner of the Thunderbolt Solo will receive a pendant specially designed for Thunderstruck Canada by world-renowned jeweller Robert St-Onge.


The winner of the Thunderbolt Solo will be the dancer with the highest average mark for all three. A dancer cannot perform a solo from the regular competition in the Thunderbolt.

More Than 3 Solos

If a dancer has more than three (3) solos, they must declare two (2) routines to be included in the calculation for the Thunderbolt before the competition.

Calculating Score

If there are three (3) solos, it is the average of all three (3). If there are more than three (3), the two (2) declared in advance of the competition are used for the calculation.

Special Notes

The Thunderbolt Solo is subject to the same policy for other overalls. We award the Thunderbolt Bolt Necklace (or option for cash prize) when there are 10 or more entries.

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