Flashover Finale

Flashover Finale

Thunderbolt Solos

Soloists with three (3) or more solos can compete for the Thunderbolt.

Top Routine Group Battle

Top three (3) routines from each age & performance division battle.

Eye Of The Storm

Our special awards are handed out after the adjudications and overalls of the last session.

Flashover Finale

Thunderbolt Solos

Our Thunderbolt Solo is unique in the industry and provides an opportunity for dancers with multiple solos to compete in a different category, receive live commentary from the adjudicators and gives the audience a unique perspective of what goes into preparing and competing a routine, into mindset of an adjudicator, and things that can be done to improve.

For more information, please visit our Thunderbolt Solo page.

Thunderbolt Solo

Top Routines Group Battle

We recognise the Top Routines as part of the Eye of the Storm awards. The Solo/Duo/Trio Top Routines are awarded based on the score. For the Groups, there is a little twist, a chance to dance again, and battle for the Top Group Routine honours.

Top Group Routine distinction is by Age and Performance Division, so it combines the Small and Large Group sections. In the past, like the Solo/Duo/Trio, it was determined based on the score. A studio can only have one routine per section.

Group Battles By Section

The Small & Large Groups from each section are combined to create battles to determine the Top Group Routine for each Age & Performance Division.

Petite Future Star Group Battle
Junior Future Star Group Battle
Teen Future Star Group Battle
Senior Future Star Group Battle

Petite Shining Star Group Battle
Junior Shining Star Group Battle
Teen Shining Star Group Battle
Senior Shining Star Group Battle

Teen Rock Star Group Battle
Senior Rock Star Group Battle

There needs to be a minimum of 10 routines combined in the Small and Large Group sections for Top Group Routine to be awarded and hence, a Battle for that honour.

Battle Elimination & Schedule

To make it easy to know if you qualify for the Top Routine Battle in the Flashover Finale, we'll use an elimination style process. Two sections make up each Battle. The Small Group and the Large Group for each Age and Performance Division.

At the awards session for the first of the two in that section, we will announce the three routines that qualified for the Battle. We will update that list when the second section dances. It may stay the same, or there might be changes adding to the excitement.

The schedule for the Battle will be predetermined. Based on your qualification, you will have a general idea when a routine will Battle. We will update this schedule with routine names as they are confirmed.

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