Event Information

Event Information


General schedule, final schedule, and printed programs.

Event App

Published when we finalise the schedule, thirty (30) days out.


Everything you need to know about the venue access.

Event Information

Schedule Program Pre-Order

The General Schedule for each event is posted well in advance on the event page for each competition for planning purposes. It is subject to change and finalised 30 days out when we publish the event app.

Programs may be pre-ordered by a studio and will be on sale throughout the competition in the lobby at the merchandise table. The program pre-order is our attempt to both ensure everyone has an opportunity to get a program and reduce waste from over-printing.

Event App Instant Access

The Event App is made available within a few days of the completion of the final schedule, which is thirty (30) days before the event. It provides you access to the entire routine list, divisions, and performers. The App automatically updates the performance times once the competition starts so that you can gauge when your favourite performances take the stage.

Yes, there is a feature to favourite routines so you can access a short list without having to scroll through. It is particularly handy for adjudications. Those are also pushed up to the app following the awards. You have access to them from the main list or your favourites list. We continue to develop and add features to the App. If you have any inputs or ideas, please feel free to share.

Venue Access And Housekeeping

The performance venue, lobby and dressing rooms will be opened one (1) hour before the start of the competition and close a 1/2-hour after the last awards session unless otherwise advised. Competitors are required to check in with the Stage Manager thirty (30) minutes before their performance time. From time-to-time will get ahead of schedule. Parents and guests are asked to be at the theatre at least one (1) hour before the event.

Dressing rooms must be maintained at all times and be clean at the end of each session.

Studio Package Pickup At Merch

Each studio will receive a package which will include a program, a copy of the rules and regulations, dancer gifts along with other pertinent information about the event. These will be available at the venue during load-in, at the host hotel the night before the start date or can be picked up at the merchandise table.

Outside Vendors Policies and Requests

Thunderstruck Canada makes every effort to align with reputable vendors at various events. However, Thunderstruck Canada is not responsible for any unfulfilled orders resulting in a financial loss for the customer caused as a direct consequence of the business practice of these vendors.

If you are a vendor looking to offer your goods at one of our events, please get in touch to start a conversation.

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Competition Memories

We provide a myriad of options to remember routines from digital photos and video to prints, canvas' and frames. We upload the images during the competition for online viewing as fast as the Internet connectivity we have provides. Studios interested in all your digital images, please inquire about our Studio+ Program. Videos are available to view at the event only. You can see and purchase your competition memories online. If you need assistance with the ordering, please visit our knowledge base.


Time Start & Finish

In general, we will start no earlier than 8:00 AM and will end no later than 10:00 PM whenever possible and make every effort to limit longest dates to twelve (12) hours.  There will be a General Schedule available on each event page; it will be updated routinely and finalised thirty (30) days before the competition.

Awards Sessions

Typically, there are two awards sessions per day. One in the afternoon for the younger dancers and one at the end of the evening for the teens and seniors.

On the final day, we also have the Flashover Finale which includes our Thunderbolts, Top Group Routines Battle, and Eye of the Storm Presentations.

Stage Effects

We run some special effects including lighting and haze (a smoke effect that is 100% safe comprised of water and sugar). The purpose is to enhance the dancer's experience and audience experience as well as the memories captured in photos and video. Please address any concerns before the competition.

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