Age Groups & Divisions

Age Groups & Divisions

Age Groups

Our system will calculate the age group automatically.

Performance Divisions

Five (5) Performance Divisions and three (3) Scoring Scales.


Each Age, Performance Division, and Category is a Section.

Age Groups & Divisions

Age Groups And How They Are Calculated

If dancers birth dates are entered correctly in the system, it will calculate the proper age for each routine. We provide a copy of your dancers and their birth dates during the review process.

Petite: 8 and Under
Junior: 9-11 years
Teen: 12-14 years
Senior: 15-19 years
Adult: 20+

The age cut-off for the calculation for divisions is January 1st, of the competition year. For instance, if the competition is in 2019, then the cut-off is January 1, 2019. For Duo/Trios and Groups, if there is a decimal place, the total age is rounded down.

Performance Divisions

We have five performance divisions: Super Star, Shooting Star, Rock Star, Shining Star, and Future Star. The Rock Star, Shining Star, and Future Star are for dancers under nineteen (19) or younger. The studio determines the best division based on our Performance Division Guide. Super Star and Shining Star is for Teachers, Professionals, and Adults. Any routine that has an adult is automatically in this division.

  • Each Performance Division has Overalls, Top Routines, and Highest Overall Score awards.
  • Each Performance Division has a scoring scale which you can preview on our Awards page. The Super Star Division shares the same Scoring Scale as Rock Star and Shooting Star, the same as Shining Star.
  • It will be at the discretion of the Studio Director as to which performance division a dancer should enter. Please see the Performance Division Guide for more information.
  • Thunderstruck Canada reserves the right to move a dancer or routine's division if it is evident they are competing in the wrong division.

Adult / Teacher / Professional Rule

Any performer 20 years or older is considered an Adult. Included in this division are Teachers or professional dancers of any age. A teacher is someone who teaches full-time and is no longer engaged in regular classes. If you have a dancer that provides instruction but is also participating in classes week-to-week, they do not fall into this category.

Any routine competing in any particular category, containing one (1) adult or professional/teacher dancer must perform in the Adult Division. An entry found using a professional or teacher, will be switched, and may be penalised or disqualified at the discretion of the competition director.

The Adult Age Division Performance Division is called Rising Star. All routines in this age category also compete in this performance division.


The system will automatically calculate the sum of the dancers registered for a routine and their average age and place it in the correct section. Some Solo categories end up too big at some events. We are guided by the objective to provide fun and fair competition.

When there are too many performers in a section we feel we are not achieving that objective. So, when a section permits (i.e. Teen Shining Star Solo), we will break it out by age into three overalls instead of one. Dancers will compete in their age level rather than age division. See What Are Breakout Solos in our knowledge base for more information.

If you have a dancer withdraw from the competition due to injury or illness or some other circumstance, that will affect its section; please let us know. The routine may continue (missing a dancer), or we may opt to move it depending on the situation.

If a section is too small for an overall, we reserve the right to create a battle. Routines will be adjudicated in their performance division but ranked in the overalls together.

Age Rule Exception

At the discretion of the Studio Director or Choreographer, when the most experienced dancer(s) may be in a higher age division than the actual age calculation, and the routine belongs in the upper division, the Studio Director or Choreographer can have the dance in the division of the most experienced dancer.


A dancer can compete more than one Solo. They compete in the same section. A dancer with three (3) or more solos must compete one routine one in the Thunderbolt Solos section.


Both Duos and Trios compete against each other.


Small Group: 4-9 Dancers

Large Group: 10-19 Dancers

Lines: 20+ Dancers

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