Judges Choice Awards

Judge's Choice Awards

By Session

Judge's Choice kick-off each awards session with this award. 

By Adjudicator

Each adjudicator selects one dancer to recognise at their discretion.


Adjudicators select one of their Judges Choice for this distinction.

About Judge's Choice How They Are Selected

The adjudicators choose their Judge's Choice Awards based on preference and present them at the start of each award ceremony. Adjudicators will make their selection for a variety of reasons that range from performance and technique, to stage presence and attitude but it is at their discretion.

Adjudicators will typically award to an individual, but they may choose to present to a group of dancers. The selection may be for a specific moment or based on something they witnessed throughout several routines. From the choices they make throughout an event, each adjudicator will select one recipient for their Judge's Superbolt Distinction. They will present this to the winning dancer at the Flashover Finale.

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