Competition Awards

We are proud of our industry-leading awards and recognition program, our unique plaque and trophy designs, ribbons and crazy bandz, cash and scholarships and our unique Eye of the Storm awards.

Competition Awards

Every dancer receives a gift for participating. It is different each year, and dancers love collecting them over time. The plaque and trophy designs change each year, with ten fresh designs each season.

Competition Awards

We host an awards ceremony at the end of each session for Adjudication and Overalls. Adjudicators each present a Judge's Choice Award, to distinguish a dancer during each session.

Competition Awards

The Flashover Finale combines our Thunderbolt Soloists, the Top Group Routine Battle and our Positive Flash Gala, and finished off with the Eye of the Storm presentations.


Dancer gifts & adjudicators favourites to Adjudications & Overalls.


Dancer distinctions and routine acknowledgements.

Eye Of The Storm

Awards, Recognition, and nominations of accomplishments from the event.

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Judge Choice Awards Each Session

We typically host two (2) Award Ceremonies per day. We make every effort to ensure that award ceremonies for Petite's and Junior's occur earlier in the day so they can return home or hotel at a decent hour. At the start of the session, each adjudicator will recognise a dancer for their Judge's Choice Award.

Judges Choice

Adjudications And Overalls

Following the Judge's Choice we present an adjudication plaque for each routine and the Top 10 Overalls. The designs for the plaques and trophies are new each year. Ten new concepts to start your collection and add to it from year-to-year.

Adjudications & Overalls

Cash Prizes

We award cash prices for overalls and Eye of the Storm awards. We also distribute scholarships, certificates and vouchers for additional recognition and discounts for our Top Studio Challenge Online Battle of the Stars. 

Cash Prizes

Online Contests

We run random online contests through our social media channels for things like our Program Cover photos and Flashmob Challenge. Stay connected with us for opportunities.

Online Contests

Eye Of The Storm Presentations

We present these awards at the end of the competition as part of the Flashover Finale:

Eye Of The Storm

Top Studio Winner

The Top Studio is the last award we present in the Eye of the Storm. We'll often recognise finalists before announcing the winner. The determination is based on a combnination of fixed (Solos & Duo/Trios) and factored (Groups).  

Top Studio Winner

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