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Video Adjudication On-Demand

Video Adjudications Instant Access

There is not much to say about this new feature. The video adjudications are uploaded to your account immediately. Not only is there no waiting to get access, you can play or download the files to play or share to teachers and dancers right away. No DVDs, flash drives, etc. They are waiting for you on our servers to view, download and share.

Access Note for Studios

When signed into your registration account, select the Registered Events button. This will bring up a list of events. Click on the Scores link. The scores for each routine will be listed, along with a link to view or download your adjudication videos beside the routine name and scores. There is a download all button at the bottom.

If you are having trouble viewing videos, please make sure you are not blocking the connection, this is visible in the left area of the browser address bar. You can visit the Video Adjudication Play Now No Video article in our Knowledge Base.

Please Note

This feature is based on our ability to access reasonable internet connectivity at the venue. If not, videos will be uploaded in the evenings from the hotel.