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Top Studio Challenge Online

Top Studio Challenge Online Battle

Yeah baby! We're taking the Top Studio Challenge Online so your routines can battle against routines from coast-to-coast. No travel, accommodation and food costs. No routine entries. A simple dancer fee and you can enter all your routines and tune in while we broadcast live across social media. It will be an easy way for far away friends to grandparents to tune in and watch your routines.

We'll be interacting throughout with online games and contests, interviews with adjudicators, and we have a couple other things up our sleeve so stay tuned. In the qualifying round, adjudicators will select the Top 5 from each section to compete in the finals Battle for each section. We'll publish social cards for the Battle Qualifiers so you can share with family and friends. In the Battle of the Stars final, adjudicators will provide live commentary before announcing the winner.

Don't miss out on this new and exciting opportunity. For a small dancer fee, you can enter all your studios routines. The only limitation is solos, 1 per dancer. Additional solos can be added for a nominal fee. Register before your regional and receive a White Lighting Discount.