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Dance Excellence X7

Jeff Valin
August 2018 04:06 PM

New Dance Excellence Awards The Lucky Seven

The Dance Excellence is awarded to exemplify fierce technique throughout the performance. It is often too hard to select one routine among the many different dance styles, and our adjudicators often wish to recognise several, yet there are far too many to award excellence in each dance style. So, we created what we call the Lucky Seven and categorised he difference dance styles into seven (7) main genres.

The Luck Seven

  1. Dance Excellence in Acro
  2. Dance Excellence in Ballet Ballet, Character Ballet, Pointe
  3. Dance Excellence in Contemporary, Lyrical or Modern
  4. Dance Excellence in Hip-Hop
  5. Dance Excellence in Jazz Jazz, Street Jazz
  6. Dance Excellence in Theatre Character, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Vocal
  7. Dance Excellence in Tap Tap, Step

You can also visit our Dance Style Description page and use the filter buttons to see how the genres are organized. This page also has descriptions for each of the different dance styles.

Routines in the Open or Self-Choreo/Improv style will be considered in the genre that best represents the performance.


For a Dance Excellence to be awarded in that genre, it must meet the following criteria:

  • A Dance Excellence winner can be from any performance division, typically from the Rock Star and Super Star divisions.
  • Performances are evaluated based on execution of the technique for a particular dance style.
  • The routine must score be a Lightning Gold or Platinum Thunder. These are, after all, excellence in dance!
  • There must be a minimum of 10 routines in the dance style. That includes all ages and all performance divisions.

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