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Calendar Tips & Tricks

0ur Interactive Calendar Take Advantage

We embed our calendar app into numerous pages on our website from the Calendar of Events page set to the current day to our competition schedule pages, where the date matches the event. The calendar page will be set to East Standard Time Zone, while event calendars to the timezone of that region. From any of these views, you can take advantage of several view options available, but there is much more behind the hamburger icon in the right of the button views.

Calendar Hamburger Menu

From the menu, you have several different options that you can use from printing to various reminders and notifications, including Slack and iCal. iCal is a way for you to add a feed into the calendar you use every day. If your not familiar with how to do this, there are instructions once you click the iCalendar Feeds link. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for it.

The Slack is a great way to keep to communicate information, and things like dates, reminders and events. You can integrate this into the channel of your choice. It is relatively straightforward if you are familiar with Slack if not there are instructions you can follow when you click on the Slack Integration link.