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Alexis Fletcher Tribute

Alexis Fletcher

Alexis was a beloved daughter, sister, grand-daughter, cousin, niece and friend.
We treasure our memories and will never let illness define her or how we remember her.
We believe and trust that we can work together to find solutions for mental illness in youth..

We believe in hope.

This tribute was put together in cooperation of the Fletcher Family, Alexis' dance studio and director, and her dancer friends who helped supply photos of some of their fond memories of Alexis, and of course many who performed "Below My Feet". The tribute was primarily an opportunity for her studio to dance in a non-competitive environment, a tribute piece to their friend in her memory, as part of the healing process for them and the dance community she belonged.

It also served to help bring awareness to mental illness and hopefully break some of the stigmas. As a company that touches the lives of our youth across the country, the loss of Alexis, who competed with us, was heartfelt. The only tragedy that could be greater would be for it to happen again without trying to help. This was one small way as we will explore others in the future.

"Thank you Thunderstruck Canada for helping break the stigma and raise awareness for mental health. Alexis's depression and suicide does not define her but also won't be swept under the rug. Mental illness has no broundries. Hopefully with sharing our story we will help others!! Our tribute is truly a gift to our family and friends," Bev Fletcher.

The photo gallery is available on Facebook.