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New Scoring Scale

Platinum Thunder New Scoring Level

As we continue to strive to improve our competition we always look to measure changes on how they will affect the fun, fairness, and compete level at our events across all of our age and performance divisions. After consulting with a number of our adjudicators, we've made the decision to introduce new adjudication levels at the top and bottom of the scoring scale.

We are introducing a Platinum Thunder at the top end. This is an award that is super hard to receive and is replacing the higher end of our Lightning Gold range with something special. Previously, the Lightning Gold award spanned over 15 to 22 points depending on the performance divisions. For instance, this past season a Rock Star that scored a 285 received a Lightning Gold, but so did the routine that scored a 295. Now, for Rock Star anything over 290 will get Platinum and routines scoring 283 to 289.99 will get Lightning Gold.

We've also added a Bronze award on the lower end. This effectively has allowed us to tighten up the range between awards throughout our scoring scale so that routines score within a certain award level will be closer.

Check the Adjudications & Overalls page for the most up-to-date information.