Laurin Padolina
Laurin Padolina

Laurin Padolina

Adjudicator | Faculty


Her passion is anything that gives her that healthy buzz of endorphines: day dreaming, goal accomplishing, auditioning, meeting the new cast, meeting the director, the first day of school, a fresh pair of tights, costume fittings, sound check, dress rehearsal, a fresh set of eyelashes, opening night, closing night, a surprise birthday card, pretty things, cute things, weird things, i-gotta-have-it-it’s-so-cute-notebook-things, spontaneity, early morning wakeboard sessions, sunset surfing, white water rafting, downhill mountain biking, adventure trekking, roadbiking, trail running, snowboarding, dog walking, world travelling, laughing, crying, feeling, creating, writing, eating, cooking… the list goes on for days.

Lauren's specialty is her incredible attention to detail. Her expertise is booking that audition. Her love is people. Her calling is to give back and Pay it forward.

LP is a semi-retired Broadway performer, an Ironman Triathlete in-training and an alumni of the International Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  And she is making her next biggest dream come true by transitioning into mentorship. LP is the founder and Artistic Director of the first Protege Homestay Program in Canada and is thrilled to finally join the incredible family that Thunderstruck Canada has been brought together, just for you!

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