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Fun. Fair. Fantastic.

Dance competitions across Canada with 5 performance divisions based on skill, creating fair competition and a fun experience. Supported by a professional onstage experience, each dancer is a star.

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Thunderstruck Canada
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Quebec Dance Competition

Quebec 2019

February 23-24

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Registration Deadline
January 10, 2019
Thunder Bay Dance Competition

Thunder Bay 2019

February 28 - March 3

Event Page

Registration Deadline
January 16
Winnipeg Dance Competition

Winnipeg 2019

March 6-10

Event Page

Registration Deadline
January 21
Victoria Dance Competition

Victoria 2019

April 12-14

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Registration Deadline
February 27
Niagara Dance Competition

Niagara 2019

April 26-28

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Registration Deadline
March 13
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Montreal Dance Competition

Montreal 2019

May 3-5

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Registration Deadline
March 20
Ottawa Dance Competition

Ottawa 2019

May 10-12

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Registration Deadline
March 27
Moncton Dance Competition

Moncton 2019

May 16-20

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Registration Deadline
April 2
Top Studio Challenge

Top Studio Challenge

Online Summer 2019

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Online Competition

Video Adjudication

The only competition that uploads video adjudications to your online account in real time to view, download and share.

Performance Divisions

Based on skill, not years of training or competition we recognise five (5) divisions for all levels of dance.

Dancer Gift

Every dancer gets a cool dancer gift. Different each year, it is a little token of our appreciation for your support.

Top Studio Challenge Online

Our Top Studio Challenge Online Battle of the Stars with low cost of entry is streamed live on social media for everyone to participate.

Master Classes

We offer a chance to enhance your dance knowledge and skills with our faculty, sign up through your studio.

Breakout Solos

If a competition has enough solos in an age group, we break it down by year and award Top 10 for each age in the group.

Adjudication & Overalls

Each routine receives a cool adjudication plaque. We present Top 10 trophies for each age group, performance division, and category.

Ribbons & Crazy Bandz

Each dancer in a routine that places Top 3 get a custom Thunderstruck Canada Ribbon. All dancers in Top 10 get Crazy Bandz.

Cash & Scholarships

There are cash prizes for overalls and some of the Eye of The Storms Awards along with numerous scholarships.

Online Contests

We nominate a People's Choice and a Star Dancer routine from each regional. In June, you get to vote online to choose the winner.

Top Routines

We award honours the top solo, duo, trio in each Age + Performance Division. We also recognize the same for the top groups.

Top Studio

We recognise the Top Five (5) studios at each regional and crown the Top Studio Winner.

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Top Studio Challenge Live On Social Media

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to line up against routines from across the country in for an Online Battle streamed live on social media.

Top Studio Challenge

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